Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Djoko & Ivo to Record Duet in Support of 70k

The poor guy is going cold turkey. Very nice of Nole and Dr. Ivo to do this.

Day 3: The Big Sleep

Well, one thing was always for sure: this laying thing isn't gonna work if all the favorites just win their matches, even if they go to a third set, god knows they didn't do that in the days when I still backed them. And if on top of that you miss the one big surprise of the day... Yes, YOU Sod ! Why didn't you tell me you were gonna tank. Or are you telling me that Ginepri just beat you in two ?

Not even Ana obliged to lose a third set from 1.09...

El Aynaoui wins at 38

That's his age, not the odds you could back him at. The Moroccan became the oldest man in 15 years to win an ATP match today. He beat Ryler DeHeart 76 76 in Doha.

Aza and Woz on the Red Eye

Either they don't know how to use a camera or they are vampires...