Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Importance of Being on Ernests

I don't do many outright bets but it's often fun going into a Grand Slam with some money on an outsider who could do well. The Australian Open often has surprise finalists (Baghdatis, Gonz├ílez, Tsonga) so I put €10 @480 on this year's surprise package: Ernests Gulbis, who took a set off Federer today.
Now watch him go out against a qualifier in the first round.

Day 6: The Wicked Lady

I didn't do much today. Spent the day at my girlfriend's. I still managed to lose a bet on the Aussie markets, though.
Laid Wickmayer, 1.19. Could have gone out when she was breakpoint down, but the price at BP was lower than at SP, and probably rightly so, judging by the end result. Another Belgian was so nice not to lose either, although she tried. Belgian women... tssss.

p.s. my girlfriend's Belgian and she's really, really nice. (Just in case she reads this...)

Sometimes Millionaires Are Like Trained Monkeys