Monday, March 22, 2010

Purple Day

Move all liquidity from Betfair for a day because:
  • Ever increasing charges - both the Premium Charge and higher demands for points discount (not that I pay them)
  • A total PR disaster with the introduction of the Premium Charge and the way Betfair went about doing it. There was no way of checking whether you will be liable and how much you are likely to pay. Even nowadays its extremely complicated to find out exactly how much you are likely to pay. Just shows they treat customers like dirt.
  • Banning users from the forums for a lifetime for the slightest offence (scandalous !)
  • Probably the worst customer service not only in the betting industry (you have to be a certified mug to work at their helpdesk)
  • Too little investment in technology compared to what other exchanges working in competitive markets spend (e.g. futures exchanges - CME, Eurex, Liffe) which shows in many horrific market failures costing some customers massive amounts. It also shows in how slow API is compared to how for example futures markets operate.

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