Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ball Boy Pisses Himself

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Some video of the wet spot

Day 15: 1.01 x gubbed x 5

Great day for the low odds layers. Five players who were 1.01 lost their matches and plenty of others lost from below 1.1. Sadly though, I didn't lay any of them. Why ? Hmmm, let's say my timing is still off. Must be the jetlag  or something... But Fed could have been pretty good, laid Almugro at 1.09, Venus was better than expected (or Lucie worse), and then there's Gulbis... But I've said all I have to say about him in the previous post.

(The losing 1.01s were Soderling, Cibulkova, Ferrero, Oudin, Molik)


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