Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 8: A Tale of Two Finals

Wow. It's rare that you get two finals with world class players on one day, that are as exciting as the ones we've seen today. First Clijsters vs. Henin, with Kim matched at 1.01 before being matchpoints down and still winning. Then almost the same scenario in the Nadal vs. Davydenko final in Qatar. Rafa had matchpoints in the second set TB, was a break up in the third but Davy still won it.
And so did I. First good day of the year. About fuckin time too.

Is This How Andy and Kim Broke Up ?

Bychkova Suspended for Not Fixing Matches

The Tennis Integrity Unit has fined the Russian Ekaterina Bychkova $5,000 and barred her from playing for 30 days for failing to report that she was asked to provide inside information and throw matches.
An anti-corruption hearing officer said there was no evidence the 24-year-old Bychkova, who is ranked 121st, accepted any compensation.
So after suspending Wickmayer and Malisse for not failing a doping test, they now ban Bychkova for not fixing.

Strength through Unity

Kim vs. Justine
Komaan vs. Allez
Flanders vs. Wallonia
Telenet vs. Belgacom
Outgoing vs. Ingrowing
Lost my Dad vs. Lost my Mom
I won the US Open while you were away vs. I won all the others while you were still playing

Or as the Prime Minister of Belgium would sing: "Alons enfants de la patrie... Le jour de gloire est arrivé". Even though that's the French national anthem and not the Belgian one.