Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 18: Maybe I'm Amazed

If there was ever something like a trader's dream then it was last night at the AusOpen. Of the 16 matches that were played only 1 wasn't very interesting. (Safina never got in trouble in her match.) But all the others... First of all the total off-day for Kim. Prematch 1.1, which was way too low to start off with. I was waiting for the first two games to get a feel for the match and then lay her but I never got a chance. Kim lost 9 games in a row and it was GSM from there.
JJ was pretty much the same story although she started around 1.44.
In practically all the other matches the player who eventually lost traded at pretty low odds. Bartoli 1.16, Fatanova 1.26, Kerber 1.55, Errani 1.7 (after Wickmayer had been 1.03).
Similar stuff on the men's side although slightly less spectacular, but every match very tradable, especially Isner vs Monfils.
As for myself, I did ok. As usual not as good as it could have been. :-) But I managed to get back into the green zone for the week.