Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maria Hurts Reporter's Feelings


Day 5: Marin Cilic and the Temple of Doom

If I'm not mistaken the original film played in India and that's where the first big loss of the season comes from... The remake featured me totally messing up the Cilic match, me not sticking to my plan and as per usual me not being very lucky.
I backed Granollers (otherwise known as the Temple of Doom) at 1.46 a set and a break up, when he hadn't been broken once in a set and a half, and had faced just one breakpoint. When the match was over he had been broken 5 times and I was feeling like somebody had spooned my brain. Nice going, Marcel.
Dr. Ivo saved the day somewhat, but I see it more as a missed opportunity. Oh well...

In the Aussie markets, Baggy was ready for the bin and Caravane Rezai just didn't want the second set.